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Possum Proofing Gold Coast
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Mr Possum – Gold Coast

Your Trusted Possum Removal and Proofing Services Company on the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers

Some Possum Removal Facts For Gold Coast

At this point, it’s understandable that all you want is your sleep back and you’ll do just about anything to get back to peace and quiet.

There are some things to consider before you race out and start to tackle the problem.

  1. Possums are Fiercely territorial and are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act
  2. Trapping a possum and relocating the possum doesn’t fix your problem and is illegal unless you’re licensed to do so SEE QLD GOV Fact Sheet
  3. If trapped (by anyone) they must be released no more than 25 metres from where they are trapped, this includes professional possum relocation companies.
  4. The hole where they get in must be blocked to stop them or others from getting back in.
  5. Possums are extremely persistent when trying to regain access to their home.

Possum proofing roofs


Stopping Possums Gaining Access to your Roof Cavity (Possum Proofing)

Now you know some of the restrictions around dealing with possums, how do you stop possums from interrupting your life?

You can have a go yourself. What that requires is for you to find the access point or points and block the hole after the possum has vacated the building.

  • This usually means climbing all over your house and looking for a hole the size of your fist.
  • Then once you’re sure they have left, block the hole up so it can’t get back in.

If you aren’t confident you can be successful with this then you can look for someone to help you.

Guaranteeing Possums Won’t Get Back Into the Roof

Guarantee – It’s not how long the guarantee is for BUT what it covers.

Your guarantee should be “No Possum will Get Back into your Roof unless some sort of Natural disaster or other human intervention is involved”.

Not just guaranteeing the work they have done around the hole they found. If they do their job properly, all entry points should be located during the property inspection. A five-year guarantee is just a gimmick, if a possum is going to get back in it will do so in less than 5 months.


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