Before termites get to the house?

Recently we had the pest inspection for our proposed new home on the Gold Coast today and the report said, that the building is ok but that there are termites in the garden (in the wood round the old dried out vege garden). I’m not sure if this is a common thing, which we’ve been told it is or if we need to get a second inspection/opinion. I have since worked out that clearing all the old timber from the garden is a good thing to do, thus taking away that particular source of food. Termites are in the ground everywhere so the next thing was to set up a termite treatment program that would set like a barrier around the house yard and therefore stop the termites as they move through the soil.

Then we have the pest inspector come back every year to check on the condition of the barrier as well as looking for any potential signs of termite infestation.

They also told us to make sure we keep closed in areas well ventilated, termites love damp conditions.

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