Termite Attack Threat High

Termites stop at nothing

Timber, brick or steel-framed houses can all be attacked by termites, according to a survey carried out by school students around Australia. Members of CSIRO’s Double Helix Science Club surveyed more than four thousand householders. The information coming from every State was then analysed by CSIRO researchers.

“We rated regions of Australia for termite hazard in six categories — negligible to very high,” says Dr Laurie Cookson of CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products.

Large expanses of tropical and subtropical country in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland, extending from the coast to considerable distances inland, were rated ‘very high’.

The south-western corner of WA, including Perth, also comes into this category.

“The findings show the most important factor influencing termite hazard is temperature, followed by rainfall,” says Dr Cookson. “The hazard in Queensland is higher along the coast than in the more arid regions further west.”

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