Spring Possum Activity

Possum activity increases in Spring

A long sleepy winter is drawing to a close, to a possum this means one thing!Possum activity in spring

Time to get rid of the kids and get stuck into all the new vegetation which will be coming about soon.

You can just imaging the possums check list.

  1. Kick the kid out to find its own place – Possum removal tick
  2. Run around inside roof to make sure no intruders are here – ONGOING
  3. Attack the new growth in the garden – ONGOING
  4. Fight off intending breeding partners – ONGOING
  5. Protect house at all costs – Possum removal tick
  6. Mate and have another baby – WORK IN PROGRESS
  7. Fight off intruders into the house – ONGOING
  8. Run around and check for intruders – ONGOING NIGHTLY

If you have ever had possums in your roof then you would swear that this is the standard operating procedure for urban possums.

When you are suspicious that this is what’s happening, then it should be a priority to get them out and have the entry hole sealed so they or another luckless little fellow doesn’t find its way back in.

It will be a good night when you can go to sleep knowing that you are not going to be woken up by possums at some ungodly hour of the night.

For possum removal in Sydney, Brisbane or the Gold Coast call 0403 819 828 or contact Mr Possum via email



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