Redback Spiders

Spider pest control

Redback Description

The female redback spider is the most commonly seen and her distinct markings are quite easily reco recognisedd.

The distinctive red strip down the abdomen on a black body and legs as seen in the picture

Spider pest control

Male redback spiders are hardly ever seen. They are small and brown with red and white markings.






Where they live

Redback spiders are reported to be found accross Australia, in drier habitats and built-up areas. They are common in dry places around buildings, outdoor furniture, machinery, under the lip of wheelie bins and stacked materials.

In the bush, redback spiders nest under logs and rocks.

Pest Control of Redback Spiders

Although Redback spiders are not aggressive, and rarely leave the web, caution is advised as their bite is very poisonous and potentially fatal for children or the elderly.

After a bite, the onset of pain may be delayed for five minutes then increase in intensity. Subsequent symptoms vary but have included:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • abdominal or generalised pain
  • sweating
  • restlessness
  • palpitations
  • weakness
  • muscle spasm
  • fever.

Medical attention should be sort after being bitten by a redback spider

An antivenene is available and very effective.

Learning how to manage redback spiders is a very effective way of dealing with redbacks. Learning to recognise their webs and the kinds of places they live. Always take care when gardening or moving objects where redback spiders might be hiding.

If you decide to have a pest controller deal with them it is advisable to set up a maintenance program as fumigation has only temporary effects on redback spider numbers and kills its natural enemies.

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