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Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroach Pest Control

In order to work out the best cockroach pest control method, it helps to understand more about them.


Most cockroaches are small, about the size of a 5 cent coin but there are a few larger species. Here in Australia we have the worlds heaviest, being the Giant Burrowing Cockroach which grows to 9 cms in length and can weigh more than 30 grams.


Cockroach infestation

Stop Cockroaches moving in

They have a flattened out body with a small head in comparison to their body, Large compound eyes and 2 long flexible antennae.

Cockroaches fly and are identified by four wings, 2 smaller hind wings and 2 larger front wings which act as a protective shield on top of the hind wings. They have long strong legs with 5 claws on each leg and the abdomen has ten segments to it.


In Australia, pest cockroaches exist in just about every location you can think of. They do however prefer warm conditions often found in and around buildings. Particularly dark, warm damp areas.

They leave chemical trails in their feces and other cockroaches use these trails to find food and water. As a result of this they tend to congregate in groups for the daily activities.

Being nocturnal they commonly seen running away when you turn the light on at night, with the exception of the asian cockroach which can be attracted to light.


Cockroaches breed by laying eggs in a capsule, in some species these capsules contain between 30 and 40 eggs. It takes 3 – 4 months from egg to adult. The adults will usually live for around a year, during that time they can produce 300 to 400 offspring.

Cockroach Pests

Cockroaches are probably the most common of all house hold pests. Food normally consumed by people and pets are their primary food source. The offensive habit of cockroaches is the insipid odor and their ability to transport microbes on their body which can be harmful to humans, especially in sterile environments such as hospitals causing allergic reactions.

Prevention methods for Cockroaches

  • Ensure food is stored in sealed containers
  • Use garbage cans with tight lids
  • Keep the kitchen clean and free of crumbs etc
  • vacuum the house often
  • stop any water leaks
  • you can also seal off holes into the cupboards etc

Diatomaceous earth ground up to a fine powder works very well to eliminate cockroaches as long as it remains in place and dry. It is harmless to humans and feels like talcum powder. Most insects, including bed bugs, are vulnerable to it.

Cockroaches are very hardy and hard to kill, they have been known to live up to a month with out water and 3 months with out food. Even though they dislike cold, they can survive the occasional freezing temperatures thus making them extremely hard to get rid of once you have a cockroach infestation.

How to Exterminate Cockroaches

Dealing with cockroaches require a concerted effort and depending how bad your infestation is, will determine the best course of action. Generally if you have just a few sightings without any real signs of huge numbers. Then the use of household cockroach sprays may be sufficient. However should you have suspect a much larger infestation then maybe the services of a pest control professional may be required. Search the pest control reviews directory for you local area and find a reliable pest control company to help you get the cockroaches under control.