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Building and Pest Inspection

Building and Pest Inspection

The peace of mind knowing that your house is safe! Or is it?

Building and pest inspection

Building and Pest inspection

Many people have a building and pest inspection carried out prior to the sale or purchase of a home. This is to have someone, a professional inspect your property and report on building condition and any signs of pests infestation, mostly termites attacking your home.

A good building and pest inspector should also provide you with an estimate of how critical the required repairs are and a time frame in which  they should be undertaken.

At the end of the inspection you should be provided with a report (in writing) of the findings of the inspection and their recommendations.  This will enable you to compare quotes and inspectors.


Don’t settle for an inspection that simply has a lot of statements about how the area couldn’t be inspected so they couldn’t report on it.

You want your house inspected so that’s what you should be getting.