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Many people who are looking for a good pest control business to care for their property, look online.

They look for

  • information to help them work out what their problem really is
  • who else is having these problems
  • what they have done about the problem
  • how to choose a qualified, reliable, quality pest control professional.
  • Who to choose
  • increasingly now they are looking for recommendations from people they know on social media.


The internet is full of information but who do you trust?

We are aiming to accumulate the best quality information and businesses here for consumers to be able to choose from.

By it’s nature, this website will attract people looking for pest control companies via a number of different online marketing methods we use. We are constantly updating our strategy for getting more traffic to this website.

It is still early days and we are constantly building the content on the site and keeping up with the latest changes the search engines make.

For the immediate future it’s FREE to get a Directory Listing

Why do you want to be in our Directory?

Unlike other directory websites, Pest Control Professionals only lists Businesses in the Pest Control Industry.

Benefit #1 – your own website gets more visibility

Most of you have a website already. Few of you are ranking highly for competitive key phrases.

One of the biggest factors for getting a higher ranking for your website is to get high quality links back to it. This site is one of those websites that has quality content and thus quality back links.Pest Control Search Engine Marketing

Due to the fact that we personally review the content of each post, your link will be give the highest possible quality score available and will stick (that means stay alive for as long as you want). Unlike some of these mass spammed SEO links that people distribute.

Benefit #2 – you promote your business to a highly targeted audience

This website is continually promoted to specific customers using the current best practice online marketing. For most businesses they don’t have the resources to get to the top of the rankings for competitive keywords, this website is now ranking well for some very competitive geographical keywords.

Benefit #3 – we do all the hard work for you

All the hard promotional work is done for you. We do the promotion you just tell us about your business and how people can benefit from using you.

How you get in front of these potential customers


  1. Directory Listing (FREE at the moment) – You can take out a directory listing which will allow people to search you out of the directory list
  2. Featured listing – Once you have a Directory listing you can take out a featured listing to place you at the top of the page

How else will you benefit

Our aim is to get more business for you. We have some special bonuses for you when you take out a Directory Listing.

Bonus#1  – Your directory listing will be optimised to target your specific service area

Bonus#2 – You will be able to place a 400 word article on this site with an image and link to your directory listing. The way this site is built, your article will be syndicated around the web

Bonus#3 – You can place a video on a strategically targeted video channel which will be distributed to send traffic back to your directory listing


How to register your pest control business

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