Gold Coast Pest Control

Gold Coast Pest Control

Local Knowledge is Best

When it comes Gold Coast pest control, finding a local pest controller really helps.

The diverse range of environments encountered across the coast makes it essential to find someone who has the local experience to know and understand what they are dealing with.


For instance, Rats are a real problem. They do however, vary in species from the coast and water ways to the hinterland.

Water rats are common in and around canals and can get so big they can be mistaken for something larger than a rat. (I had one guy swear he saw an Otter).

Knowing the local environment and pest inhabitants can be a real bonus for you when you are selecting a pest controller to sort out the pests in your home.

Using a local pest company can also have the advantage that they may know the history of your home from having been there before. A lot of pesties will leave a little tell tail sign, I spoke to one family recently who said they had a pest guy out to their recently purchased home, when he arrived he said “yeah I know this place”, and show them his initials on a floor joist from a previous visit.Gold Coast Pest Control

Looking for Gold Coast Pest Control

Often the best method of finding a good Gold Coast pest control company is to ask around and get recommendations from people you know. If you can’t find them that way then it may help to be able to look up a website that gives you the same result. We aim to have reviews of pest companies on this site and then you can get a better idea of who’s who in the pest control zoo.


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