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Spider Identification

Dangerous Spider Identification

Which Spider is Dangerous? A quick guide to some of the spiders you might find around your home. This Video is a useful Spider Identification guide. Go direct to the type of spider you want to know more about. 0:07 – Golden Orb Weaving Spider 0:21 – Huntsman Spider 0:34 – Saint Andrews Cross Spider […]

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Households Urged Keep Up Pest Control Efforts!

Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area Committee is appealing for households in urban areas to keep up their efforts and support local industries in their …

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SW fox numbers raise concerns

City of Bunbury pest controllers say there has been a spike in the number of foxes caught in some suburbs of the city. Animal Pest Management …

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Building boom unleashes plague of 'cat-size' rats on Sydney

And years of living large have fattened the furry monsters, with pest controllers reporting some rats the size of cats. “I had a customer call me and say …

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Horrified local films giant rat in window of Sydney Chinese restaurant

The restaurant has reportedly been able to present documents showing a pest control business had visited the premises just three weeks ago.

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A Giant Rat Has Been Exterminated In A Sydney Restaurant

Minto Chinese Restaurant owner Emily Tang told the Macarthur Chronicle pest control officers exterminated the rat on Thursday, which likely entered …

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Minto restaurant reassures community it's rat-free after rodent sighting

The restaurant was able to show documents indicating a pest control business had visited the eatery in 1/10 Minto Rd, opposite the railway station, …

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One Nation take aim at Queensland's gun control laws

ONE Nation wants to loosen Queensland’s gun control laws by allow … “It is time we managed our resources properly and controlled feral pests which …

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South Africa controls armyworm pest in maize crops

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) – South Africa has managed to control an outbreak of fall armyworm pests, which were first detected in January and mainly …

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Melbourne 'rat infestation' caused by Metro Tunnel construction, cool weather

John Govic, from Jim’s Termite & Pest Control, said the level of rat disturbance was unusual, compared to last year. “We’ve noticed an increase of …

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Rat Plague Rises Up From The Underground & Begins Melbourne CBD Invasion

… surface as a result of the works, telling ABC Radio that they’ve just hired pest control contractors to help manage and maintain the incoming plague.

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