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What this site is about.

Hello, how are you?

This website is all about you, the consumer of pest control and management services and the businesses serving you.

I am an internet marketer who has been involved in the pest control industry for some 8 years now. When I was getting up and running I struggled to find a really good place to advertise my business online, a place where I could get my business in front of people who were looking for my service. So I built my own website and then learnt how to get it ranked on Google so people would call me.

Since being reasonably successful I have spoken to hundreds if not thousands of customers of mine and they all have the same story to tell. “How do I find a good pest control company?” Most people search the internet these days and so I decided to build this site to provide the best possible information for consumers and in the process provide a really effective place where pest control companies can list their services.

We keep control of the site.

What we do now is to ensure that the listings on the site are living up to their promises. This way we can keep our customers up to date with the best pest control services for your area.

Get your pest control business noticed online

Pest Control Professionals is a website dedicated to providing an platform for local small pest controllers to market their business online, enabling them to compete with the large companies and huge marketing budgets.

Using highly effective cutting edge internet marketing techniques and proprietary tools we promote the local pest control businesses dedicated page for their local area to generate qualified leads and the analytics to provide quality market intelligence to the business owner.

How can you get your business page registered?

If you are a pest control professional and you want to talk to us how to propel your business into view online, simply fill out the box and we will send you the free information pack on how it works.